As with any content creation, Broadcasts should be written to be legible and get their point across efficiently. Here are some Best Practices to ensure you make the most of each Broadcast!

Start with the Subject line. By default it shows as "Weekly Newsletter of [COMPANY NAME]." You are free to leave it this way, or you can title it yourself. Either way you want to be consistent. If you come up with a new title every week, and suddenly use the generic title one week, it will be a bit jarring for readers.

When you start writing, keep in mind that you want to avoid writing a big block of text. Be sure to break up your paragraphs with section titles, paragraph breaks, and images where appropriate. 

Its mostly up to your discretion, as author, how long a Broadcast should be. However, it is important to keep in mind that the longer the Broadcast, the less likely most are to read it to the end. That in mind, we recommend keeping Broadcasts limited to less than (2000?) words, for most Broadcasts.

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