Once you’ve sent out a Broadcast, you can monitor your content views, user statistics, and feedback. This article will act as an overview of these options.

NOTE: There will be no data at first. Only when Contacts begin interacting with your Broadcast will you start to see the information displayed.



From the Statistics Page you can get a high-level view of your engagements over the last 30 days. The chart shows you how many users Clicked on your Broadcast , how many have Opened the Broadcast, how many Rated and how many Marked as Read using color coded lines.

Under the Chart, you will find a full list of your Broadcasts with their individual stats. Click the blue STATISTICS button next to any individual Broadcast to get deeper statistical information on a single Broadcast.


From the Users Page you get View Data for the 7 days after the Broadcast was sent.


Here you can see which links are the most popular by number of clicks!


Here you can see any feedback left on your Broadcasts. Just be sure to Add a  Reaction Option to your Broadcast


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