Broadcasts are the central component of Recess. They allow you to communicate with your team more effectively than other platforms. 

Unlike Slack messages that instantly get lost in the shuffle, or emails that go unnoticed and unread, Broadcasts are a great way of getting the word to your team and making sure everyone sees it! Best of all, it's incredibly easy.


Step 1: Click Broadcasts on right of the screen.

Step 2: Select New From Template

Step 3: Select your Template

Step 4: Edit the subject line to title your Broadcast.

Step 5: Edit the Header. This can either act as a subtitle for the Broadcast, or, if you happen to have a longer message in mind, headers are a great way to divide up sections based on content.

Step 6: Start filling in text. Your first text field, like your first Header, is automatically populated. To edit the existing text just type away!


Step 7: Add Text, headers, and even images, as needed by clicking the appropriate button at the bottom.

Step 8: If you need to move any header, text, or image, just hover beside the item you wish to move, and click the cross arrows icon that appears and drag. Or if you need to delete an item hover next to the item and click the "three dots" that appear and click "Remove Item"


Step 9: Keep editing until you are happy, and when you are ready, click Schedule to choose when to send it out!

Watch the video below for a more detailed walk-through:

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